Friday, November 26, 2010

New Signs for the holidays !!

These signs are 5 1/2 inches wide by 12 inches long. We wood burn each sign , on cedar wood.
We put a picture hanger on the back of the sign for you to hang on your wall.. Each sign 12 inch sign costs~ 5,00 each + 3.00 shipping... 25% of each sale will go to the Severson Family to bring home there son...
Happy shopping~ You can also e-mail us and we will do special orders..
mailto:jngcampbell9@msn.%20com To buy a sign go to the button on the side and click on it, it will take you to Pay Pal. Then you can pay and leave me a message , for which sign or signs you would like to buy... THANK YOU !!



Gary and i have been working very hard to get many new signs ready for the holidays.
We are also working on a fundraisier for a special little boy who really needs to come home to his forever family...
The Severson Family has been working really hard to raise the funds needed to get their new son home. You see he is in a different country, so there is many expenses they need to pay for.
We are donating 25 % of every sale to there adoption fund . This will go toward the cost of his airfare, medical exam and visa to come to our country.We will be running this fundraisier until Dec,20 th, 2010. Then we will be donating all the funds that have come in to the Severson Family `.. Please help this family get their son home soon. While you can also Christmas shop or for someones birthday gifts..

Check out the new signs we have ready ....