Thursday, October 27, 2011

New buttons for our Etsy Stores

we have been working on..

We got new
buttons made for our Etsy stores.. Mama Bears Fleece Blankets and The Campbell's
Country Store. Both buttons are on the sides of the blog. So go check them out.
We have 11 items listed so far in our country store, and 100 fleece blankets
listed so far.. So if you are looking for gifts for birthdays , Christmas, or
any special holiday. Go take a look , you may find something you just can't live
without...Gary and I~Jody~ have been working lots of hours to get both stores up
and running.. Now we just need to get the word out .. So please share our stores
with all your friends and family!!
We sure would appreciate it!!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Pink Polka Dots ~ She is beautiful !!


~ Oh so beautiful~
I am slow with posting my new , to me dresser re-do's ..
Love this pink polka dot dresser!! She is just beautiful .. This dresser was in such good shape i had to think for awhile about painting it or not.. But guess what , i love to paint !!
I did not sand it down. I painted over it with Glidden primer, 3 coats and then on with the light pink paint. Two coats of light pink paint , then brown polka dots. After it was almost dry i hand sanded and distressed lightly. When she was all dry i put two coats of Annie Sloan soft wax on her.
She will be listed soon on our Etsy store! The Campbell's Country Store ..
Oh i am learning so much following many DIY blogs.. Boy these ladies and gentlemen have many new ideas to share .. Thank you for sharing your ideas with all of us bloggers...
Now that the cold and snow are on the way we have to move our painting projects indoors, so after dinner our dining room is transfered into a painting room and Jody is just as happy as can be painting away until midnite or later.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Sweet ~Ava ~ China Hutch ~

This is the top of the hutch ~ before ..
This is the bottom of the hutch ~ after Gary sanded it for me.

Painted and lightly distressed..
Painted a light blue oops paint and Annie Sloan chalk paint , in cream~.. This was the first time i have used chalk paint . Oh how i love working with it....
Beadboard back is cream chalk paint.
All over the hutch is light blue with somr cream chalk paint on it.
Then i hand rubbed Annie Sloan's clear wax on it. Can i just say this wax is awesome...
This hitch is so beautiful ~ I really would love to keep it...
But then i really need to start selling some of the furniture that we re-do..
So we will see if it gets listed for sale soon....
This is sweet Ava ~She is so beautiful now!!!

Oh this china hutch we picked up off of Craigs List . Somebody really didn't want it anymore..I love it ..It went from old and unwanted to faboulous. First we had to travel 2 1/2 hours one way to go pick this baby up. Then 2 1/2 hours back home. But it was well worth the travel..

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Got many projects done today!!

Little step stool.
Half table
Corner hutch
End table
I just love this Dry sink Cabinet...So many of my re-dos i bring in the house. I have a very hard time with wanting to keep my vintage shabby chic furniture.. I really should sell most of them.. Soon i will have a new list of items for sale...

We have been busy running and shopping for lots of fun things to re-do.. Lets just say we spend lots of time in the van, with our cargo trailer behind us..

We have many vintage dressers , buffets, and chairs to shabby chic..
I love to paint , really i do.. I ordered Annie Sloan Chalk Paint , oh i got it yesterday. I still have not tried it . I was so excited to get my new paints...Just not sure which piece of furniture to put the Annie Sloan paint on .. Maybe a really cool hutch we just picked up this week....
Have a great night!!!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

This is my favorite vintage dresser so far ..

Oh i love this dresser!!!
Yes, all of my spare time has been working on shopping for vintage furniture or sanding and painting it..Oh i truly love working with wood. My favorite thing to do is paint. I love to have some quiet time to paint and see what i can really do..

So enjoy ..

8 inch / 23/4 inch signs

8 inch / 2 3/4 inch signs 4.50 each

~Simplify~ That says it all.. 8 inch / 2 3/4 inch 4.50

Mini wood signs

4 inch / 2 inches Live Love Laugh sign 3.50 each These are small signs great for sitting on a shelf..

div> 4 inch / 2 inches Faith Hope Love . Great for shelf sitters..

These are really nice signs. We are buying wholesale from a few new companies..

These and all products not made by us will be listed as such..

We will still be making and hand paiting signs..

Serenity Prayer Signs

4.50 for each sign.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

We really have not gotten lost..

No we are still around . just very very busy with lots of new items to list for sale as soon as we get them all ready. Boy we have been working really hard.. But wait till you see the beautiful vintage furniture we will have for sale.. Oh i just love them and wish i could keep most of them.

We will be adding many new items to our store soon!!! So please check back....

Have a great week end ...Be safe

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Farm Chicks Show !!!

Have you ever been to a Farm Chicks Show ??? It is awesome!!!!

No really , you should plan on attending next year ..It ws so awesome,meeting new people and seeing so many inspiring new decor.. We have learned so much from this show.. We will be having many new items to share with you all very soon. We are trying to get everything together to get pictures of it all . Then list it all for sale ... Yes many new treasures will be for ~sale very soon.

Have you noticed our new look.. Yes The Country Store is getting a new face lift..Tenille is doing a really great job.. We love the new look...

Thank you so much Tenille!!!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

We are still here !!!

We are still here!! Just been quiet around here. We still have many great signs to chose from ..If you would like you can put in a special order. WE love to work on special orders... Just e-mail us @ jngcampbell9at msndotcom.. Check back soon for more new signs!!!!!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

This sign is my personal favorite !!

This sign is a personal favorite of mine!!

Small signs ~ 51/2 inches by 12 inches long ~ 5.00 each + 3.00 shipping.
If you would like to special order a sign , just send us an e-mail ,

Big signs are 51/2 inches by 24 inches long ~ 10.00 each + 8.30 shipping. It depends on where we ship to, it might be less for shipping...

I just love to decorate our house with signs.

Small signs ~ 51/2 inches by 12 inches long ~ 5.00 each + 3.00 shipping.
If you would like to special order a sign , just send us an e-mail ,

Big signs are 51/2 inches by 24 inches long ~ 10.00 each + 8.30 shipping. It depends on where we ship to, it might be less for shipping...