Wednesday, January 26, 2011

This sign is my personal favorite !!

This sign is a personal favorite of mine!!

Small signs ~ 51/2 inches by 12 inches long ~ 5.00 each + 3.00 shipping.
If you would like to special order a sign , just send us an e-mail ,

Big signs are 51/2 inches by 24 inches long ~ 10.00 each + 8.30 shipping. It depends on where we ship to, it might be less for shipping...

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  1. I can't find your email address, so I thought I'd leave a comment to shout out a HUGE THANK YOU for all of the things you sent for the Boss Your Heart benefit auction!!!!!!!!!! Thank you also for donating via the ChipIn!!! WOW, you have blessed us greatly. The blankets, pillow pets, signs, Avon soaps, lotions, gels, etc. are all simply FABULOUS!!!!! Thank you SOOOOOOOO much!!!